Herod's technology, some AiG speakers and more from the Mega Conference

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While in Jerusalem, we took a tour under the Temple Mount. In one area they had excavated under the West retaining wall that had been built by Herod I. If you look at the pictures, you will seen the remains of one block of stone that was forty feet long, ten feet high, fifteen feet deep and weighed an estimated six hundred tons. As you look at how these stones were laid, it is mind boggling to see them laid one on another with phenomenal precision--you can't put a piece of paper between them.

What really "hit" me as I was looking at this was that I have seen documentaries on television about the Easter Island statues or greats blocks of stone in South America that have been claimed to be too large to be cut out and positioned by man--thus they postulate in this programs help from aliens etc.

However, 2000 years ago, in Herod's day, people had the technology to carve and lay with precision great blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tons. It's obvious, the ingenuity of man is such that these feats were accomplished. Just a reminder that even though we have remarkable technology today doesn't mean we're more advanced intellectually than cultures of the past--just we have a different technology.


Our Astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, gave a lecture to the staff at lunchtime yesterday on Relativity. It certainly provoked a lot of interest--even though some staff members left shaking their heads at some of the abstract concepts. We praise the Lord of scientists like Jason who has become an integral part of Answers in Genesis.


My brother Stephen (who is a financial planner residing in Australia) and myself are writing a book on the family. It is a rather unique book that deals with our testimonies concerning our parents in regard to our upbringing--it also deals with Biblical principles on how to bring up Godly offspring etc.

A few months ago, I gave three 30 minute lectures that taught the basic content of my section of the book. These lectures were videotaped before a studio audience in our special effects theater.

My brother Stephen is coming over to give three 30 minute lectures to teach the basic content of his section of the book. These will be videotaped in our special effects theater on Monday.

Early next year we hope to release the book, DVD's and even a workbook (curriculum) to enable people to study the material as couples or in small groups.

Stephen and his wife Trish arrive this evening.


Dr. David Menton is giving a lecture to the staff at lunchtime today. He is meeting most of the day with Museum staff as they plan exhibits for the Creation Museum. Dr. Menton brought in his human/ape skull replicas--and as an anatomist, he is going to use the skulls to teach our staff about the false ideas of human evolution.


A number of special guests are coming in for today and tomorrow for a Museum fund raising banquet we have scheduled for Saturday night. The Lord has used the last two such fundraisers to raise $1.8 million dollars for the Museum. Please be in prayer for this event.


Dr. David DeWitt (Associate Professor in Biology at Liberty University) sent me the following message today---I encourage you to read the article:

We have a story about the creation conference [the recent Mega conference we conducted at Liberty University] as the main article for LU's homepage www.liberty.edu this week.
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