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I want to make a correction to an earlier blog entry... I was asked a question at a church in Israel by someone and made a couple of assumptions that were not correct. I received an email from the person who said he was the one referred to, which shed some light on his background. I certainly apologize if I misrepresented him--I didn't mean to imply he DID go to an American college but he certainly sounded like he did (in the sense that I find American-trained Bible students by-and-large are taught to question the text of Genesis---maybe there's a cultural communication issue here also). The question that was asked was concerning the Hebrew in Genesis and a supposed grammatical problem. Even though he seemed to agree with the six days—the question was stated in a way that seemed to question the accuracy of the text—which is a problem. I admit I am not a Hebrew scholar but we do work with Hebrew scholars who would not agree with the statements that were made—I guess we would have to get some Hebrew scholars together to work it out—and that wasn't possible at the time. Again, my apologies for any offense or misunderstanding.

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