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Today is Saturday in Israel and many people are on holiday. Because of the past history of this nation, Saturday is observed as the Sabbath by the nation by and large, and then they start work on Sunday. That is one of the reasons why the Messianic Church has their services on Saturday. This morning and this evening, I spoke in the largest such church in Israel.

Again I've seen a great response from the people and so many people thanking me for helping them see the importance of the book of Genesis and particularly giving them answers that they had not been able to obtain.

There were a lot of young people in the services. After I spoke over an hour, I had 45 minutes of questions. One of the things I see is that the questions I receive over here are the same questions I receive all over the world such as what about ape men, what about dinosaurs, continental drift, the starlight and time issue and so it goes on.

I've also noticed they've asked question about the gap theory. There seems to have been a considerable amount of teaching on the gap theory that has reached the people so I was pleased I was able to answer that. After we finished the official question time, there were also a lot more people asking various questions as well.

Today we went past an area on the Sea of Galilee where it is supposed to be the area where Jesus cast the demons into to the pigs that then ran off the cliff and drowned in the Sea of Galilee. It's just so interesting to see these places and it causes the Bible to come alive in a way that cannot happen unless you're actually here.

For lunch today we went to an Arab restaurant. A man, who is a scientist here in Israel and is a member of the Creation Research Society, joined us for the meal. He is thrilled to see the creation message getting into Israel. It is very rare to find creation scientists like that in this nation.

I was able to obtain photographs of the plant that is similar to the ones that Moses parents hid him in as a baby when Pharaoh's daughter found him. I didn't realize how tall these plants were.

When we arrived here in Israel, we hit the ground running and for the past week we've been traveling and speaking. We're now going to have a few days off to visit some of the sights. Right before I come home, I will speak at a Christian leaders conference.

This evening on the way home we passed Capernaum and Bethsaida and we will be visiting those places tomorrow. We'll also go for a swim in the Sea of Galilee and in the Jordan River.

Thanks for praying.


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