Monday...on the way to Israel

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Just a quick update about the trip so far...

While we were in Cincinnati airport, we did some shopping to take some gifts to people in Israel. The clerk behind the counter said "weren't you two in here a week ago?" We were actually—Mally and I visited this shop when we flew to Roanoke for the MEGA Conference. She said, "I remember you (looking at me) because you look like Abraham Lincoln." Mally and I both laughed as this happens so often. The clerk said, "I hope I didn't offend you." "Oh No" I said, "it's good I look like one of the GREAT Presidents!"

Well—we arrived in Israel Monday afternoon—we have Tuesday to rest (and prepare my talks—the rest of my power points are being translated into Hebrew. They will give those to me when I arrive)—the speaking begins in earnest on Wednesday. Please go to the events calendar on AiG's web site to follow my schedule.


I decided to attach a photograph of myself speaking at the last session this past Friday. Do you really think I look like Abe?


Thanks for praying


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