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Behind the Scenes

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Today, about 400 people (Museum Charter Members) attended our special "Behind the Scenes" tour. Not only did all the attendees get to tour the Museum exhibit construction, but also see artists and sculptors at work (see photo), and hear a number of speakers.

I spoke three times on the importance of the Creation Museum in the special effects theatre (see photo of some of the Charter Members in the theatre). Our exhibit designer, Patrick Marsh gave presentations to explain what sort of exhibits we are constructing and Dr. Jason Lisle gave presentations on astronomy with a sneak preview of the sorts of programs people will be able to see in the Planetarium when it's open.



The MEGA conference begins Monday (with a kick off concert with Buddy Davis on Sunday evening) at Liberty University in Virginia.

Today, many staff were busily finalizing items/travel etc. re: the Mega conference. Some drove over today--others will drive over tomorrow. Mally and I will fly over on Sunday.


AiG receives numerous emails each day. I thought you would enjoy this one:

"Wow! Thank you for your wonderful, blessed web site! You (AiG) are fantastic! I've been asking myself some of these questions for years. As a descendant of William Jennings Bryan, I wish that he would have had your information in his grasp. Thank you so very much and have a great day!!"

Please pray for the MEGA conference, and pray for the speakers and attendees who will be traveling this weekend. For up-to-date information about the MEGA Conference, and a day by day account--see the MegaBlog.

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