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As staff arrived at the AiG facility this morning, they were saddened to see that vandals had painted graffiti (using spray cans of paint) over windows, a front pylon, trees, signs, fire hydrant etc., (see the attached photographs showing some of the graffiti). Our security cameras recorded about 10 young people around midnight (in the middle of a storm—with spectacular lightning every few seconds) walking into the AiG facility (the security fence around the gate was down due to the construction of the new gate) and spraying paint on various items. One wonders whether any of the parents of these young people knew their children were walking around the streets in the middle of a storm in the middle of the night (a dangerous thing to do) vandalizing property. This is now in the hands of the police (spraying graffiti on a fire hydrant is a felony). AiG will soon have 24 hour security (quite an expense, but very necessary to protect the huge investment in this facility and protect the reason for its existence). Our staff had cleaned up or painted over most of the Graffiti by lunch time today. We need to pray for those kids...that God would get hold of their hearts and bring them to Him.

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Charter members of the Museum had an opportunity today for one of the Behind The Scenes Tours—I spoke to them for about 30 minutes and then had the usual photographs taken. One of the members donated some Emu eggs for one of our exhibits. Another member who is a specialist in Pond/Lake maintenance/ecology offered to help us with advice etc. We praise God for the number of volunteers who contribute in varied ways to help AiG and the Museum project.


Make sure you read the lead article specially written for this July 4 holiday weekend in the USA. Dr. Jason Lisle, AiG's astronomer has written an article about an event that is news headlines. Here is the first paragraph from Dr. Lisle's article:

"The 'Deep Impact' spacecraft of NASA is scheduled to rendezvous with Comet Tempel 1 this Fourth of July. If all goes as planned, the event may generate some cosmic fireworks that will help astronomers to better understand comets."

The article will be posted on Saturday.

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