Another One of "Those" Days

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Well, today was one of those days again! Mark Looy lined up a live radio interview for me with Mike Signorile on the Sirius radio network on Satellite radio. He wanted to interview me about the Museum—but we were aware going into this that it probably wouldn't be an interview—and it wasn't! He just wanted to mock Christians—and he didn't want answers. Anytime I started to give him answers, he would change the subject and mock and not listen.

I just pray people listening at least could discern what was going on—and I did have opportunity to share the gospel a number of times. He emphatically stated that different species of dogs was proof of evolution—as I tried to explain the truth to him, he didn't want to listen. He mocked at dinosaurs on the Ark (they hate us using dinosaurs)—at one stage he accused those of us at AiG of building a $25 million dollar museum so we could win favor with God etc.

I told him that nothing we did won us favor, it was God who offers a free gift of salvation—as undeserving as we are—it's nothing we do that earns us favor with God—He did it all for us. Well he didn't like that message. And of course the usual accusation that there are people dying all over the world and we are wasting money etc. I tried to explain the origin of death, but he just didn't want to listen---he certainly was "willingly ignorant."

A caller asked about sea creatues on the Ark—I explained that the Bible makes it clear there were no sea creatures on the Ark, only land animals. After I explained this, the radio host then mocked the account of Noah and the Ark and the aquarium on the Ark—he just wasn't interested in truth. But, I pray that the Lord used what was said to reach someone with the saving message of the gospel.

Thanks for praying for us---these are the moments we need it!


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