The Tulsa Zoo and a Pastors' Luncheon at AiG

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Tulsa Zoo

Before I went to bed last night (after midnight), I wrote an article about an interesting situation at the Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma. If you haven’t read the article yet, read it here.

Frantic Day

I had so many things to do today as part of getting ready to go to Australia: curriculum manuscript to read, phone calls, emails (they keep coming and coming and coming), meetings with staff, speaking at the pastor’s luncheon at the office, giving a tour to a 91-year-old Christian Leader who just loves what we are doing.

Christian Leader’s Lunch

Carl Kerby (VP of Ministry Relations) gave me this report about our fifth Christian leaders’ lunch at the Museum site today:

Today we hosted our fifth Pastors’ lunch (see photograph below). What a privilege it is for us to bring Pastors and their spouses in from the surrounding community. We show them what is happening here at AiG so they can know better how to be a part of this ministry that is challenging the culture. We intentionally keep these meetings to under 40 people so that we can have personal contact with each of the leaders.

We are able to make these very special times of fellowship due to the support of 5 AiG partners who have a real burden to reach the leaders in the church. Let me share with you how they are working with AiG to make this outreach possible.

Two of these sponsors have supported us financially so we are able to provide MANY life changing resources to the Pastors in attendance. In fact when they leave they take well over $200.00 worth of DVD’s, books, booklets, curricula, etc. that they can put straight to use—all free of charge. They don’t want for us to publish their names so let me just say "Thank You!". You are a blessing to many folks by being a part of AiG in this manner.

Tim Dudley, the President of MasterBooks and one of AiG’s board members, has graciously donated many of their materials as a part of this package. This includes the Answers Book, The Lie: Evolution, Why Won’t They Listen?, Refuting Evolution as well as many other materials. Thank you Tim!

The other 2 key people are Pat and Clancy. Pat owns a "Famous Dave’s" restaurant and Clancy works with him (see photograph of Clancy). A short while ago we had the opportunity to take them through the museum on a tour and they got excited. As a result they now donate a BBQ feast for everyone who attends the Pastors’ lunch. What an amazing treat to be able to end an encouraging presentation of what AiG is really all about, a fantastic tour of the museum with BBQ from "Famous Dave’s" with Ken Ham!

The responses have been humbling to read. These are just a few from the meeting today!

Entire program was excellent!
Excellent job! Thank you very much.
Thank you, time well spent!
The tour was wonderful, I thank the Lord for what He has enabled you to accomplish so far, and I’ll pray for this ministry.
I loved it! Very informative.
This was a wonderful experience.

Out of the 45 different churches that have been represented so far we have had:

  • 37 that are now advertising AiG’s need for volunteer workers.
  • 32 who are bringing their entire congregation on a tour.
  • 30 who are having an AiG speaker come and share at their church.
  • 20 who are advertising the AiGPrayer web site and soliciting their folks to sign up.
  • 9 who are adding AiG to their missions budget.

We can’t say thank you enough to all of the folks who make these things happen. Stay encouraged; God is doing some amazing things to reach this lost culture. Thanks for being a part of a movement that is calling the Church and the world back to the authority of God’s Holy Word.

200568prlunch18.jpg lrclancymccurdy.jpg

What a great day!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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