A Quiet Sunday

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This morning, my wife and I visited Big Bone Baptist Church (a local church where the Pastor, Mike Jones, and his congregation could not be more supportive of AiG) to hear our VP of Ministry Relations Carl Kerby speak at Sunday School and the Morning Service. Carl was excellent. He is a very engaging speaker using lots of unique material. His talk on "Evolution and Pop Culture" was riveting. People gasped at the extent to which evolutionary thinking pervades movies---from children's cartoons to dramas.

We then had lunch with Carl, his wife Masami and their two adult children and a number of our supporters who attended last night's banquet.

More Yellowstone Photos

I have finally downloaded the hundreds of photos I took at Yellowstone. I am still amazed by what they call "The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone." It is an amazing Canyon that the Park Ranger said was gouged out in one week by the water that broke through an ice dam (though she said hundreds of thousands of years ago!). This is a good example of how even evolutionists recognize such canyons can be formed quickly---yet they mock when creationists talk about the catastrophic origin of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

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Busy Week Ahead

I have a very busy week ahead before my wife and I leave for Australia to spend a couple of weeks with family.

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