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Tonight we had the first of our new fund raising banquets to raise money for the Museum exhibits. I have attached a couple of photographs of myself and Carl Kerby with some of the AiG friends who attended the banquet.

Praise the Lord:

  • approx: $320,000 in cash and pledges to sponsor various exhibits etc.
  • $150,000 for the general fund.
  • $1,000,000 for a matching gift challenge for the July Banquet.

One man said he was going to fly a number of people up for the next banquet.

The amount raised includes the funds necessary to finish the animatronic 40 ft. sauropod dinosaur (the one Buddy is sculpting---see yesterday's Blog for a photo) for the lobby (over $100,000).

Here's what this means ... Tonight we told Patrick (he is the head of our display development team) to 'pull out all stops' to get everything moving so the Museum can be opened in 2007---still lots of funds to raise - but we are moving ahead 'full steam.'

184_8472.jpg 184_8470.jpg

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that "fundraising" and asking for money has not, and is not the focus or purpose of this site (or our main That said, this is a special opportunity to stand with us in the building of this incredibly important museum. If you can't be with us in July, you can still participate in the matching gift challenge. Click over to our donation page and make sure you put "JULY MUSEUM BANQUET" in the comment section. Thank you for considering this!

Where Did the Word Blog Originate?

A number of people have recently asked me what 'blog' means - where did the word come from. Well, it is a word made up from the two words, 'web log.' Thus 'web log' was shortened to 'BLOG.'

Please, thank the Lord with us for the results of the Banquet---and please continue to seek the Lord for the additional millions of dollars needed.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying,

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