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I Hate Airports! Don’t Take Notices Literally!

We arrived at Cincinnati's airport at 3:45 pm. At the baggage area, the electronic sign said the luggage from our Delta flight would come up on Carousel 5. Well I know better. I've learned at Cincinnati's airport your luggage is likely to come up on any carousel---you take any notices in regard to this allegorically. Well, 45 minutes later (everyone was getting frustrated) bags from our flight started to come up on Carousel 4---most people didn't know (they probably didn't have the experience I have) and so they stayed at Carousel 5. Our bags didn't come. After another 5 minutes, one of our bags came. After an HOUR of waiting, I gave up and stood in line at the counter where you register lost luggage (along with zillions of other people). After waiting for five minutes, our son Jeremy came and told me our other bag came up on Carousel 6 (that only took one hour---how's that for service). It makes you wonder!

Autograph at Airport

While waiting for our flight in Jackson Hole this morning, a young man recognized me and showed me the Answers Book he had with him. He asked me to sign it for him . . . it's amazing where our resources show up!

The Sauropod Is Finished

The SAUROPOD Dinosaur that Buddy is sculpting for the Creation Museum lobby (it will be an animatronic dinosaur) is finished---well the first stage is finished. See the photograph---how we praise God for talented people like Buddy. The next stage is that a cast has to be made of the sculpture as the next part of the process to finally (after many months) to end up with an animatronic dinosaur!

More Yellowstone Photos

I've included a few more photos from our visit to Yellowstone. The gentleman in the picture is Tim Dudley---one of our board members and a great friend of the ministry.

184_8435.jpg 184_8410.jpg 183_8359.jpg sauropod1027.jpg


Please pray for the fund raising Banquet being conducted in the Creation Museum, Saturday night. This is to raise funds to complete the exhibits and we pray to be able to open the Creation Museum in 2007.

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