The Debate Began Early

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I spent over 3 hours at our offices/Museum Sunday afternoon with the team from the BBC. I was interviewed (well, sort of ... ) by Lord Winston. It didn't really start as an interview---but a debate! My understanding was that we were to debate on Monday at a radio station---but it really started Sunday at the Museum! He didn't ask many questions about the creation/evolution/millions of years issue---instead he asked many questions about the Old Testament and the Jews---laws given to them etc. Really many of these questions are outside my area of expertise, but he wanted me to answer them if I believed the Bible was God's Word. It was an exhausting interview really---it is the sort of thing I particularly find happens with the British Press. That said, Lord Winston was a very cordial and likeable person---we obviously are poles apart in what we believe about the Bible though!

Monday morning I will be in the Studios of WLW (Cincinnati's biggest secular radio station) for a 30 minute 'debate' on creation/evolution---I hope they stick to the topic.

This morning at church, a photographer from the Cincinnati Enquirer came to photograph me and my family at our home church worship service! So while we were singing, this photographer was taking photos of us! He was very discrete---but I'm sure people around us wondered what was going on!

Keep Praying!


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