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Monday evening I received a call from a Los Angeles newspaper reporter. We spoke for about an hour or so---she is writing an article about creationists using dinosaurs. She wanted to know why we are using dinosaurs in our Creation Museum. I explained that dinosaurs were really one of evolution's main ICONS---for most people, dinosaurs are equated with the idea that the world took millions of years and evolution to get us where we are today. I told her we were "taking dinosaurs back" and giving them their rightful place in history. In fact, this is the theme of our May newsletter. We are sending her lots of pictures of the various dinosaurs we are using in the Creation Museum.

Tuesday, a team of staff loaded a truck and drove to Xenia (near Dayton, Ohio) to prepare for our Tuesday evening Museum fundraising banquet. They took some of the museum models, dinosaurs, art work, etc. I spent the morning in meetings. I also had a couple of our staff preparing PowerPoint slides for my banquet presentation. We then left to drive to Xenia---I had Carl Kerby dive so I could continue working on my banquet presentation (not easy, as I get car-sick easily!---but Monday was filled with computer problems---I had no option!).

It was thrilling to see 250 at the fund raising banquet---people were excited. Many gave me testimonies as to how the ministry had impacted their lives. There were also many people who had heard of AiG and the Museum project, but were really new to the ministry. It was so wonderful to hear such people tell me afterwards how pleased they were to come and that they now realized this was a cutting edge ministry for today's world. Many people gave sacrificially towards the Museum fund. Well, another late night---won't get to bed until 1 am.

The Lord is Good!

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