La Crosse, Wisconsin here we come!

by Ken Ham on April 29, 2005

I took an early flight from Cincinnati to Minneapolis Wednesday morning and met up with Buddy and Kay (they flew from Columbus). We took a connecting flight to La Crosse Wisconsin, where an AiG conference will be held this weekend.

We came into town a little earlier than normal because we had been invited to visit a Christian Camp 30 miles outside of La Crosse. The Living Waters Bible camp is unique---they run programs for young people and adults throughout the year (public schools students even attend some of their programs) based on the Creation account in Genesis. The theme each year (on a 10-year rotating cycle) is based on some aspect of each of the seven days of the Creation week.

They even have a Creation Museum where they take all the camp participants through the Creation account in much more detail. As a small camp, they can't afford a Planetarium, so they built an ingenious exhibit to show the stars etc. at various times---see the photo below.

They have taxidermy displays for the animals God created. They also have some living animals---Buddy and Kay had their photos taken with their pet Boa! What a blessing to see such a camp dedicated to the literal creation position.

We returned to La Crosse to check out the set up at the Convention Center and conduct a microphone test. These Convention Centers are a challenge---we have to bring in a sophisticated sound system, carpet the floor, install curtains etc., otherwise the sound would have bounced all over the room. Each public facility has its own sets of problems---it takes a lot to run a conference like this.

The Committee at this conference is praying for 2000 people to attend (plus all the students at the school assemblies)---they are a hard working group and so dedicated---so enthusiastic! God will bring along the ones that need to be there we can be sure of that.

Please pray for the seminar. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow (Friday). We'll be up early, then programs in the morning, afternoon and evening---it's a long day!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep praying!


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