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Last week, Mally and I went to see our son Jeremy out at Liberty University. What a great time!

Jeremy had asked us to talk to some of this dorm-mates during evening devotions. Six or seven turned into 20 or 30, which turned into a couple of hundred! It was so encouraging to have so many students come to me afterwards and say things like: "I saw your videos at Christian School," "My Dad gave me your material," "I remember going to one of your programs as a kid," "my pastor talks about AiG a lot" etc., etc. These kids come from all over the USA—AiG definitely has a reputation across the nation.

We went to chapel the next day—Dr. Falwell made an appearance and though he is still recovering, the students gave him a long standing applause.

Later I went to the Liberty radio station and gave a one hour interview—mostly about the Mega Conference.

It's amazing some of the letters we get. I won't reveal the name, but read this letter—it's so typical—and so needed.

Recently, I had an idea for an outreach to kids in our area. It involved bicycles and stunts, so I have been attempting to find someone to come perform for us. In this endeavor, I have run across an interesting website: (not listed for the purpose of this quote)

My expectations were that the kids I found there would be rough thugs that didn't think much about important eternal matters. Boy, I was wrong.

They have some forums that get into deep philisophical debate. You should see the questions they ask. Often their comments are laced with hate, dispair and vulgarity. However, they are asking and seeking answers.

-- as a side note, the very stumbling blocks to the gospel that AiG mentions are the questions these kids are asking continually. How can the church remain so blind?

Please pray for these kids


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