A Day in the Life of “Me and AiG”

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People often ask me, “What’s it like to work at a ministry like Answers in Genesis?” Well…

  • Got up early to find an email from one of our leadership team stating they thought my proposed newsletter article for May needed some work—so I rewrote it. I admit, it is much better now—I appreciate the way we all work together for what is best for the ministry. I praise the Lord for our great leadership team.
  • Attended the 8:30 am staff meeting—gave a presentation to Carl Kerby celebrating his 5 year anniversary as a speaker with AiG. We then showed the staff the 17 minute PBS special on creation/evolution that also featured AiG. Ben (Radio Ministry) gave a report on the radio dept.
  • Then I rushed to the phone to do a half hour radio interview to promote the Clarksville seminar. Dave had also done a lot to help me get ready for this—it was a major revision of this talk.
  • I then continued to work on my revised/updated family talk—I spent a lot of the Easter weekend working on this (as well as writing the May fund raising letter and the May newsletter article—that I rewrote this morning). We had set up to video this talk and Dan Lietha spent all of Easter redoing my powerpoint slides—I also divided the talk into three parts of 30 minutes each.
  • Then I went to the conference room to speak for an hour to the events department and speakers concerning seminar matters, book promotion, etc.
  • Then went straight to a luncheon Mike Zovath had organized for the leadership team and all director level/management staff (this is done on a regular basis)—we heard updates from various directors/VP’s—then I brought a message to this team to encourage them concerning the ministry they were involved in.
  • I then returned to my office to get the final art work Dan Lietha had produced (he worked up until the last minute) for my new Family talk.
  • After this I went to the special effects theatre where staff had organized around 130 people to come in as a studio audience (the staff did such a FANTASTIC job in organizing this—I am so thrilled to see the way the staff work together and take ownership in this ministry—so dedicated—many stayed very late to finish up the video project as Jason Lisle was videoed after me).
  • I then gave three 30 minute presentations followed by a question time—of course there was a lot more to it than that in regard to all that we had to do for this project—Paul and Dale Mason and many other staff were just great—so professional.
  • AiG provided dinner for all the studio audience—many were staying on for another videoing session with Dr. Jason Lisle—we videoed three of his talks—it was a long day for many staff.
  • I was going to go home and have dinner with Mally—but then found out why Mally had to leave during my presentations—Kristel (our daughter) had dislocated her jaw! Mally had an emergency trip to our dentist who also specializes in such problems. He was concerned we would have to take Kristel to hospital emergency. However, he was able to set things right—using ice, then some injections, some gas—he managed to get it back in place.
  • Mally was exhausted, so we decided to have dinner with the staff/visitors in our café at AiG—then went home to see Kristel—she was looking a little sore and sorry for herself—she’s on pain killers and has to put ice on both sides of her face on her jaw for fifteen minutes every half hour.
Yep—just another day in the life of AiG! And that’s just my day—imagine everything else going on at AiG!

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