Training Up Creation Apologists in Malaysia and Indonesia

by Steve Ham on March 31, 2015

Joseph Tan and his family have established the Answers Academy in Malaysia. As a businessman and homeschool father, Joseph initially contacted Answers in Genesis to find resources for teaching his own children. He quickly realized that God had greater plans. After a training seminar at the Creation Museum, Joseph and his wife returned to Malaysia with greater purpose to train and equip “Christian leaders, teachers and parents in Creation Apologetics so that they can in turn train the next generation of leaders who will stand upon Biblical Truth and be an effective disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

After initially focusing on training homeschool parents only, he quickly recognized that churches and fellow Christians in Malaysia had a great need for AiG resources and creation apologetics teaching. In November 2011, his group organized the first ever All-Asian Creation Conference. With over 15 nations represented and over 1,000 total attendees, the conference was a great success and encouraged Joseph and his group to continue their outreach. They began hosting summer Bible schools seminars, and youth camps, and speaking at church services.

Currently Joseph’s creation apologetics group is reaching beyond the borders of Malaysia. Since 2014, they found an opening in Indonesia to work with a large number of Christian schools and are planning additional trips in the near future.

We are grateful for Joseph and his team and to count them as partners with Answers in Genesis.


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