Spreading the Creation Message in Spanish

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In the United States, we have been blessed with accessibility to great numbers of resources, especially in theological circles. The rest of the world has not been so privileged. The lack of solid, Bible-based material in indigenous or native languages has tied the hands of many who wish to serve and make an impact in foreign lands.

Nathan Díaz lives in Mexico. As a son to missionaries, he is actually a native of the country and lived much of his young life there. He and his wife Cristin made a decision when they were married to make their home and ministry in Mexico as opposed to the United States, so they could continue to make an impact where there was a greater need for native-language resources.

Nathan is a teaching pastor at Iglesia Evangélica Cuajimalpa, located in Mexico City. He is the producer of a weekly radio program in Spanish that reaches Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, Spain, and the United States. In his role as pastor and producer, he has been confronted by the lack of solid, Bible-based resources in the Spanish language. Nathan then met Joe Owen of Answers in Genesis–Latin America, and was introduced to the many resources we have already translated into Spanish. These materials about the biblical account of creation and the gospel message have been an invaluable resource. AiG is at the forefront of providing translated materials to Spanish-speaking countries, and our efforts through both conferences and materials is making an impact on Spanish-speaking people in Latin America and beyond.


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