Thankful for the Slavic Gospel Association


We are grateful for the close relationship we share with Eric Mock and the Slavic Gospel Association. An electrical engineer by trade, Eric Mock is, in his words, a “tent-making” pastor who has a deep passion and tireless energy to spread the gospel message in Russia and the surrounding countries.

Years of Communism did not destroy the Christian church in Russia. Their faith in Christ stood firm in spite of years of relentless persecution. However, in the scientific world, secular teachings dominated the culture. Many Christians could not see a connection between the spiritual truth they believed from the Bible and scientific teaching on the origins of the world. Eric Mock and the Slavic Gospel Association have bridged that gap, equipping Christians with much needed creation resources. They are now being taught how God’s word is trustworthy not only in spiritual matters but in scientific ones as well.

Eric and SGA have translated Ken Ham’s Foundations DVD series and distributed it into 13 different countries. They are translating Answers in Genesis tracts and getting them into the hands of children all across the country. These children, many of whom are orphans, are learning for the first time that they are not just the product of random selection or chance. They are coming to realize that God has made them in His image and with a purpose, and that He is calling them into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Currently, many of our brothers and sisters in this area have been uprooted and forced from their homes due to the instability in this war-torn part of the world.

As uncertainty continues in Russia, the Ukraine, and surrounding areas, please remember these Christian brothers and sisters in your prayers.


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