Bringing Gospel Hope to Italy


At Answers in Genesis International, our excitement continues concerning a group of seven dedicated men who in 2014 created the Italian Biblical Creation Committee. Dr. Antonio Cicerale heads this committee. As both a scientist and church pastor, Dr. Cicerale passionately uses his scientific knowledge of butterflies and the insect world as a tool in creation evangelism.

Throughout the whole of Europe, churches are under attack by humanistic teaching. The church in Europe has seen a steady decline in church membership and an undermining of sound doctrine. Dr. Cicerale and his team are zealous, especially about reaching the youth of Italy. As they hold conferences in schools and churches around their country, they have seen youth impacted with the truth of God’s word and strengthened with solid scientific teaching that upholds a biblical worldview on creation. Through distribution of Answers in Genesis materials, they are putting essential resources into the hands of pastors and church members so they will be able to stand firm in their faith even in a culture that is primarily humanistic and pagan.

Ultimately, Dr. Cicerale’s desire is to see people come to Christ. He believes the Lord has gifted him with unique abilities as a pastor and scientist to be able to be an effective minister of the gospel of Christ. Please pray for the ministry of Answers in Genesis in Italy and for these men who have partnered with us and have dedicated themselves to the furtherance of the gospel.


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