The Ramdaths—Ministry Partners in Peru

on February 26, 2015

The husband and wife ministry team of Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath is making incredible strides in the area of creation apologetics in Peru and throughout South America. Before partnering with Answers in Genesis, both were active in evangelistic outreach, working through their local church with Canopy Ministries. As they became familiar with the resources AiG has to offer, they quickly realized that creation apologetics could be a very effective evangelistic tool.

Creous and Elizabeth minister to many different age groups. With their recently purchased mobile planetarium tent, they visit public schools and present creation science as a viable option against the evolutionary worldviews taught in the students’ textbooks and classrooms. Throughout Latin America, they coordinate creation seminars at churches and visit local universities. Evolutionary ideas have taken hold in many areas, and the Ramdaths have witnessed firsthand the great need for translated resources to equip the church in order to combat the skeptical worldviews infiltrating the heart of Latin America. The Ramdaths have partnered with AiG to make sure these translated resources get into the hands of pastors and church members, equipping them to be always ready to give an answer for the hope that is in them (1 Peter 3:15).

Creous and Elizabeth Ramdath present the truth of the creation message with the ultimate hope that fellow believers will be strengthened in their faith and equipped with resources to train others. Ultimately, at the heart of the Ramdath’s ministry is a love for the gospel and a burden for lives come to know Christ, the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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