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This Saturday, October 11, is Día Latino at the Creation Museum! As part of the Answers in Genesis Worldwide Outreach ministry, we are pleased to announce our second annual Día Latino as an outreach effort to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States.

Día Latino

We will have approximately 23 volunteers (some in direct Spanish and some translated by bilingual volunteers) placed throughout the museum to give guests summaries of the exhibits and answer questions as they take a walk through biblical history as depicted through plaques, life-sized exhibits, animatronic people and, yes . . . dinosaurs!

Last year, we welcomed 400 Spanish-speaking guests from the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana area. This year, we are anticipating many more! We have confirmations from groups coming from other areas including North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, and even Ontario, Canada! Only God knows how many people will celebrate this day with us, but we do know that it will be an amazing event for all!

Día Latino

This year, the climactic finale will be at 2 PM in our auditorium, Legacy Hall, where Joe Owen (Latin/Hispanic Ministry Manager for Answers in Genesis) will give a talk in Spanish on the Origin of the Supposed Races, ending with a clear, biblical presentation of the gospel.

What can you do? First, pray. Please pray for this event and our worldwide outreach overall. God has been opening many doors recently for AiG Worldwide, led by Stephen Ham. We are excited, but we need your support in praying for the strength, wisdom and discerning direction as this moves forward.

What else can you do? Invite all of your Spanish-speaking friends! We will have translators and signage to help make this a day where our Spanish-speaking friends and neighbors can receive a clear, precise, biblical understanding of Genesis as the historical foundation for all Christian doctrine, which not only includes the gospel, but centers on the gospel message and the person of Jesus Christ.

And finally, there is something else you can do. Consider giving to our worldwide outreach. Being that evolution is universally taught throughout the world, answers must be universally given throughout the church worldwide, because no matter the language, 1 Peter 3:15 has one meaning – give answers.


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