Respuestas para Pastores—“Answers for Pastors”


If it was not the most memorable conference I have ever been a part of, I am sure it will be in the top two. The past few days we have hosted over 60 Spanish-speaking pastors from Latin America and throughout the U.S. It was a great privilege for many of these pastors to be hosted by AiG families as we experienced a taste of Latin culture and saw how Answers in Genesis is equipping the Spanish-speaking church. With talks given from Dr. Terry Mortenson, Joe Owen, Creous Ramdath, special guest David Casas (see below), and me, the pastors were challenged and equipped in teaching biblical creation apologetics for their own churches. The pastors walked around the Creation Museum with a steady stream of wonder at the truth of God’s Word and excitement to go back to their own churches and teach it.


Dr. Terry Mortenson

Dr. Terry Mortenson

Sacrificing To Be Equipped in Ministry

One thing worth noting is the sacrifice that many of these men and their wives made to even get to the museum. Many of them had come from areas where monetary resources for such trips are scarce. I heard of many stories of people working extra jobs and sacrificing much to make it to the Creation Museum in an effort to be equipped in ministry. These people can see the effects of the teaching of evolution and millions of years in their countries and how the universities are being taken by the humanistic lies of our time. They have a huge burden for their people, and they want answers to help their congregations to confidently witness the gospel to their communities.

Pastor and Wife

Translated Resources

When we talked to these pastors, there was not one instance when we did not see their gratitude for the work that had been done by Answers in Genesis and for the opportunity of being at such a conference. I was often reminded never to take for granted the amazing resources we have in America and also the access to so many good teachers such as those we have at Answers in Genesis who are helping people stand firmly on the authority of Scripture and point to the credibility of our Savior. This is why our efforts to translate our materials and talks into Spanish will, with support, only continue to increase. We must help our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters.


Special Guests

David Casas was a new inclusion to our Spanish-language ministry message. He is an instructor for Bible and Theology for Luther Rice University and is the first Hispanic elected to state office in Georgia. He is also president of Berea School of Ministry. I have had the privilege of being on the board of directors for Berea School of Ministry, and it is so heartwarming to be involved with a president of a Bible college who wants to set Spanish-speaking students on a course of study built solidly on the credibility and authority of Scriptures starting in Genesis. Hearing talks translated into Spanish is one thing, but hearing high-quality Spanish-speaking presenters such as Joe Owen and David Casas was so encouraging for our guests. A special highlight was also when Dr. John Whitcomb, coauthor of The Genesis Flood, encouraged the pastors over Skype in fluent Spanish.

David Casas

David Casas

Opportunities Abound

The opportunity for ministry that has come from this conference is more than Answers in Genesis can currently cope with, but we are determined, God willing, to see a great spread of this wonderful equipping into the Spanish-speaking world. The conference ended with a question-and-answer session and a charge from each of the speakers. After having a translated charge from Ken Ham earlier, each of the speakers showed a heart for praying for and partnering in ministry with these pastors to help answer the questions of our time and help people see the truth of the Bible and the credibility of the gospel message.

Panel Discussion

Lastly, I am very thankful for the hospitality of the Answers in Genesis staff. Many staff hosted couples in their homes, provided transport, meals, and generally showed great care for these precious people. I am always amazed at the people God has brought to this ministry, and it has given me cause for gratitude and praise to God for giving us all privilege to serve. Please join us in prayer and support for our Spanish-speaking ministry of Respuestas en Genesis.

Group Photo

Thank you for joining us as we equip the church for the global mission of the gospel.




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