Worldwide Update


Dr. and Diana Crandall hosted a busload of people to the Creation Museum from Pennsylvania and shared with them the ministry of Answers Worldwide.

Dr. Crandall left last week for several days in Malaysia to make final preparations for the All-Asian Creation Conference. He will speak in three churches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then address the student body of a local seminary. Many students will attend the AAC Conference.

The 2012 Olympic Games ministry in London, England, already has 45 team members that have paid a $350 deposit. Negotiations have been completed for coaches and housing needed for the group. You can see the conference center at:

The Olympic Booklet, written by Dr. Crandall, is in its second proofread and will be finalized this week. The booklet, Big Ben-Time, will be translated into 12 languages.


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