International Training Seminar 2011


The International Training Seminar for 2011 is now in the history books at Answers in Genesis. This year’s class of students crossed the boundaries of culture, language, and experience in a very significant manner this year. The class included people from Kuwait, Brazil (2), Bolivia, India (2), Russia (2), and Jamaica.

Included in this unique group that God called together was a mission executive, Christian school curriculum director, medical doctor, federal judge, local church ministry leader, Russian pastor, and a pastor-educator from Jamaica.

As they met each other, they all sensed their oneness in Christ and their desire to learn from AiG. Ken Ham and other speakers taught them the supreme importance of biblical authority and the various nuances of creation ministry.

This was the fourth annual seminar for Answers Worldwide, and we have now trained 42 attendees from all over the world.  Answers Worldwide is so committed to our message that we pay the entire expense for travel and training at Answers in Genesis.

Several of the students are now preparing to give creation talks in their country and to start a creation ministry amongst their own people.  ITS certainly expands the AiG footprint of ministry to every corner of the world.

Several ITS folks have already decided to attend the All-Asian Creation Conference in Malaysia for extended training by Ken Ham and other creationists from around the world.


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