163,602 Miles—7 Times Around the World


The Apostle

Paul told Timothy to be certain that he used his training to teach others. We at Answers WorldWide are committed to training people from all over the world to defend the Bible from Genesis 1:1.

Last year 10 internationals received creation speaker training at our International Training Seminar. In the last months these graduates have held dozens of seminars before thousands of people.

Another 12 Internationals are prepared to travel a combined 163,602 miles for the March 21-28 ITS program. WorldWide raises the funds so that these chosen trainees can receive training that will challenge and change their lives. This year’s class comes from 9 different countries: Russia, Hungary, Moldova, India, Portugal, Egypt, Malaysia, Australia and Scotland. After this Seminar, we will have Creation Speakers ministering in 15 Countries that represent every continent in the world except Antarctica.

Two of last years candidates have had seminars in China, and one of this year’s candidates will conduct seminars all over the Arab world including Iraq, Iran and Syria. Not only is this ministry discipleship, it is also missions with a global impact.

Dr. David R. Crandall, Director of WorldWide, says that he cannot wait until the flag ceremony when each trainee enters the auditorium and is introduced to the AiG family. Each flag will be on permanent display in the Creation Museum.Pray for:

Alexandru Sanduleac (Moldova)

Joseph & Debra Tan (Malaysia)

Jyoti Chakravartty (India)

Nalla Thomas (India)

Rui Pereira (Portugal)

Matthew Cserháti (Hungary)

Char Cheah (Singapore/Australia)

Yasser Farah (Egypt)

Nikolai Gunichev (Russia)

Nagy & Nashwa Iskander (Scotland/Egypt)


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