Unconventional methods--Same message


It's always exciting to hear the different ways God uses to further the message of the Gospel. Just today we received this email from a missionary in Haiti who has put together a translation team for the Creole language and had a chance to recruit help...in a rather unconventional way:

“Here's a short note that might interest you.  The UN provides transportation for the prison ministry that we do since we are installing water filters in the prisons [in Haiti].  We have lots of conversation time with the UN people and try to evangelize to them when we have opportunity.  One particular gentleman is a Haitian-American that works here in Port.  We have been talking alot about translation etc.  He really had no interest in translating Biblical literature so we thought we would see if he would be interested in doing Answers articles.  The other day we were riding with him in the car to a prison (about a 3 hour trip) and handed him a magazine opened to the sea bear article and asked if he would be interested in translating it.  He stopped the driver, got out to get a piece of paper and immediately started translating.  He finished the article before we arrived at our destination (and ran out of paper).  He continued flipping through the magazine and came to the wilberforce article, I asked if he needed more paper and he said yes and started working on the wilberforce article!  Before the day was over he had finished that too.  In a conversation that my father-in-law had with him later he made statement like "I'd never thought about it that way before".  What a unique opportunity and way to reach someone with the truth of the gospel.  He is interested in doing more so we plan to take advantage of it!”

What a unique way of sharing the Gospel! Please pray for this man, that God would work in his life and use this as a way to reach him.  Our Creole translation team is also very close to completing translations for a new Creole website which will be launched soon! God continues to work in amazing ways!


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