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We recently received this letter from a missionary in the country of Georgia:

“Answers in Genesis played a HUGE role in my life. After coming to Christ in 1990, I still often struggled with believing the Bible, and especially struggled to believe God had forgiven me. My father was a Christian and Bible teacher, but he believed in long ages. I can remember thinking, if “all” doesn’t mean “all” when it talks about the flood “ALL the high hills and ALL the high mountains” ALL the whole earth, etc, maybe it doesn’t mean ALL when it says God forgives ALL our sins. Then my sister gave me the book, the Genesis Flood, and I began reading. Then an AIG seminar came to my town, “Greenville SC” and I attended. I soaked up everything like a sponge! Through your ministry, I gained a passionate love for and trust in God’s Word, learning that every word is true and trustworthy.

“Now, I often use your materials in my ministry. I use Answers magazine with some of my English students (I also do some tutoring in English) and I used your materials on death and suffering when working with refugees.”

We praise the Lord that He is using this ministry around the world to strengthen believers’ faith and their confidence in God’s Word.


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