Joining the Giver of Life to Contend for Life

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The theme of this year’s Answers for Women conference is Life: Contending for Life from Beginning to End. The psalmist implores followers of Christ to open their “mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die” (Proverbs 31:8, NKJV). At this year’s conference, we will be privileged once again to receive solid teaching from God’s Word that will encourage our voice on behalf of our fellow image bearers.

I am very pleased that Camille Cates, Youth Division Director with Healing Hearts International, will join us once again and equip us to understand God’s purpose in creating life so we can effectively defend life. This is what Camille had to say about her upcoming presentation:

Many pro-lifers say, “Abortion is wrong—end of story.” While they would be right to say that abortion is wrong, we live in a culture that doesn’t believe this truth at all. Our post-modern society very much believes that life is a choice. In the act of abortion specifically, unborn life is simply a matter of desire. Does the couple want the baby or not? Decisions surrounding pregnancy are often based solely on what the parents—or more precisely, the mother—want at that moment. Science alone is not going to convince sinful mankind that all life is precious, especially if a selfish desire is ruling and reigning in the human heart. Followers of Christ must be ready to give an explanation of God’s purpose in creating life in order to contend for life.

The abortion issue sometimes feels like an unending war between two foes. It could be argued that the war on unborn life has been the bloodiest battle ever fought. In the United States alone, there have been 59,115,995 total abortions since 1973.1 Tragically, my unborn baby is counted among the dead in that astronomical number. As a Christian young woman who lacked biblical knowledge and a good measure of faith at the time of my unexpected pregnancy, I made the sinful choice to abort my unborn baby. Instead of turning to my sovereign God and his purpose for the little life he had created, I gave in to fear. In my finite thinking, I could see no good purpose for this new life conceived amid the most undesirable of circumstances.

Yet, that is just how our God seems to operate. Mary, Jesus’ mother, experienced an unexpected pregnancy amid what she probably deemed the most undesirable of circumstances. But God had a plan and a purpose for her pregnancy, as he does for all pregnancies. God lovingly desired to send his Son to save sinners—including those who would choose to abort their unborn children.

It is God’s purpose for life, from beginning to end, that we must consider and base life’s toughest decisions upon. At the upcoming Answers for Women, we will seek to understand what is at the heart of abortion in order to address it. Likewise, we will look to God’s Word to understand his heart on the issue in order to give him the praise he is due and to boldly—and lovingly—proclaim his truth. He is the author of life from beginning to end! As Christians, we must join the Giver of Life in contending for life from beginning to end.

Camille is a dear friend with a heartfelt testimony and desire to help those that are hurting. I am confident that you will be equipped and encouraged by her presentation. Register today to take advantage of the early bird special (ends February 1), and remember, the price includes Creation Museum and Ark Encounter admission for attendee and discounted rates for spouse and children.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

1 “Based on numbers reported by the Guttmacher Institute 1973–2014, with projections of 926,190 for 2015–16. GI has estimated possible undercounts of 3–5%, so an additional 3% is factored into the overall total.” “Abortion Statistics,” National Right to Life,

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