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This year, I am directing the VBS at my church and am so glad that our pastor agreed to use AiG’s Gold Rush VBS. I have never directed a VBS in my life. I’ve always been in the helper position—just leading the kids from station to station. I had no idea how much work went into the planning and preparation!

I must give credit to our AiG VBS team for their attention to meticulous detail from the director’s manual to assembly, crafts, games and snacks. There are checklists and timelines for the director that made it really easy for a newbie like me. I really love how all the stations, assemblies, songs, etc. tie together and present different aspects of the focus of the VBS. I will boldly predict that this will be the best VBS our church has ever had! And I’m not saying that because I’m directing it but because of the “meaty” biblical content of the materials.

I was speaking about our VBS to a museum guest the other day and she said she had opted not to use our VBS this year because she had done other VBS’s with a similar theme. Gold Rush focuses on the uniqueness, birth, life, death, resurrection and life-changing power of Jesus Christ. I agreed with her that there were other VBS programs that had a similar theme but then challenged her with some of the uniqueness of our VBS, especially its apologetic approach. Our kids need more than just Bible “stories”; they need to know that truthfulness and authority of God’s Word and how to use it to effectively defend the Christian faith. I had just finished reading over the materials for each day’s assemblies and told her that each day we talk about the impact that Jesus had on arts, science, and other topics. She was surprised and I hope it helped convince her to use our VBS next year!

This past Sunday I hosted a workshop for our VBS workers and informed them not only of the purpose and content of the VBS but also gave them some critical information from the book Already Gone. They need to understand why teaching our children in church about the truthfulness and authority of God’s Word is so important. I have asked each of them to just give me one week of intense time and effort on their part because that one week could make a huge difference in the life of a child for an eternity.

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