Adventure in the Galapagos Islands

by Dr. Georgia Purdom on May 19, 2011

In three days I leave for on my great adventure to the Galapagos Islands! I will be traveling with a homeschool group out of Atlanta, Georgia, called Living Science. Lance and Penney Davis are the leaders of the group, and we will be traveling with several students and their parents. The goal of our expedition is to develop a homeschool curriculum based on the islands. I will be the resident scientist, sharing with the group and answering their questions about the biology of the islands. We will be taking lots of pictures and will also be accompanied by a videographer.

We will be exploring many islands during my two-week stay with the group, and my goal is to write a blog about my experiences each day. However, internet accessibility is not guaranteed so I will be sending my blogs when and if I can. That means there may be more than two blogs posted each week and they may not be on the typical days of Tuesdays and Thursdays. All I can say is: keep checking in! If I am unable to send anything, I will post the blogs in sequential order when I return so you can live the experience with me then.

Please be praying. I have never been separated from my family, especially my daughter, for this long. Fortunately, she has a father and grandmother that will be taking good care of her but I know it will still be hard on both of us, so be praying. Also pray for safe traveling mercies, good health, good weather, and that we will be able to get the materials necessary for the curriculum. I’m looking forward to taking some amazing photos and getting up close to many of the animals because they have very little fear of man.

I will be traveling to the same place that Charles Darwin did over 170 years ago. My observations about the islands may be very similar to Darwin’s, however, the implications of those observations for the past will be very different. I will be starting with God’s Word as the truth about the past but Darwin started with man’s opinions about the past. My conclusions about the past will be supported by what I observe, whereas many of Darwin’s conclusions about the past (i.e., molecules-to-man evolution) were and remain unsupported by what he saw. Isn’t it amazing the difference one’s worldview can make?

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