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Last week, I flew to Manhattan, Kansas (about two hours from Kansas City), and spoke at two events. I was so thankful I made my connecting flights in both Chicago and Dallas. It was one of those flight plans where you have to go way out of your way before you can land where you really want!

On Wednesday evening I spoke to around 50 people at Kansas State University. I was sponsored by the Creation Club at KSU and warmly greeted by several AiG fans. I even met a student I had taught in our online courses four years ago. I believe there were some skeptics in the audience (judging by their body language) and I pray that God used my words to open hearts and minds to the truth of His Word. Everyone was respectful, and for that I was grateful.

On Thursday evening I spoke at University Christian Church to around 80 people. The local Christian radio station was kind enough to interview me to promote the event and helped me with the AV setup at the church. The church staff was also very helpful which made the event go smoothly. One lady told me how much she appreciated Answers magazine. She teaches second grade at a Christian school and uses the Kids Answers section of the magazine in a “station” that children can visit during free time. She also makes use of our Kids Answers website and says her students really enjoy the AiG materials. I had a good Q and A time following the presentation, with several remarking that they had never thought about the conflict of believing evolution and the problem that creates by placing death before sin which is clearly contradictory to Scripture.

On Friday I spent over 10 hours flying back to Cincinnati due to heavy fog in Chicago. I wished I was Dorothy (who was from Kansas) in the Wizard of Oz and had those ruby red slippers that I could just click three times and say, “there’s no place like home” and in an instant I would be back home! I’m glad to be back and am busily preparing for my trip to the Galapagos Islands next month. Please be praying.

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