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Evolution on the Web for Kids

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A few weeks ago I blogged about my happiness that there were no new “evolution toys” at a website that promotes evolution for kids. However, the site continues to maintain a somewhat-active blog, book reviews, and links for kids. I thought you might be interested to know how the web is being used to indoctrinate children about evolution.

One link was to a site that had an animation called Evolvovision (a spoof on television). Children watch a TV that shows a single-celled organism evolving into a human. Of course no details are given as to how immensely complex this process would have to be. Then again, this is the typical ploy also used with adults. Many times, evolutionists talk in generalities because if they put in the details then people would realize just how impossible evolution is!

Another link is to a site that encourages children (and adults) to upload a picture of themselves and then a program “devolves” the photo showing them what their ape-like ancestor would have looked like. Children learn, rather than being made in God’s image (as Scripture makes clear in Genesis 1:27), that they are nothing more than an animal. And of course, if you are nothing more than an animal, then there is no basis for morality to guide your thoughts and actions.

The last link is to the Science Channel site and a game called, “Who Wants to Live A Million Years?” Charles Darwin appears on the screen and says, “. . . the game show based on my rules of natural selection. Your species will have to survive a changing and sometimes cruel environment.” I played the game and it is nothing more than natural selection, which is completely separate and different from “evolution” (see my chapter on this topic in the New Answers Book 1).

Sadly, children are being indoctrinated about evolution from every arena—public school, TV, the web, etc. I encourage parent, grandparents, and anyone involved with the care of children to be aware what they are watching, learning, and seeing, so that we can effectively equip them to stand on the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word. Be sure to check out our children’s resources.

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