Thrilled About the Ark

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As many of you know AiG has announced plans for Ark Encounter, which will include an Ark built to biblical proportions. When I told my daughter Elizabeth about it and showed her pictures, her eyes got big and she said she can’t wait to walk through it. Then in her prayers the other night, she said, “Please help people that don’t worship You to come to the museum and I can’t wait until the ark is built. Mommy says I’ll be 10.” So cute and honest!

I’m excited that I will be able to participate through research on the kinds of animals that were likely aboard the ark. The biblical term “kind” is usually thought to be at the level of family in the familiar classification system used today (but could be lower or higher depending on the organism). I and other scientists will be actively researching today’s organisms to determine the types of animals that were on the ark.

We’ve also decided as a family to support the building of the ark. My husband Chris has chosen to sponsor three pegs and put one in my name, one in our daughter’s name, and one in his name. I thought that was a great idea and a way for us to be a “permanent” part of the ark. I hope that you’ll take some time to look over the website and consider how you can help be a part of history in the making.

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