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Last Friday I had the privilege of participating in the Creation Museum’s first ever Behind the Scenes event. The event was held after closing time and participants enjoyed hearing from Ken Ham, Buddy Davis, and others about how the museum came to be. My part was to tell how the “Natural Selection is Not Evolution” exhibit came to be. I played an integral role in writing the text and forming ideas for the exhibit’s design, but it was truly a collaborative effort with the museum team that made the exhibit great. We then were treated to wonderful chocolate desserts from a local catering company. I hope we will have more events like this in the future.

Before the event started, I was talking with a couple that had a question regarding some information they had heard from a speaker at their church about nutrition. The husband told me that he and his wife did not agree with what the speaker was saying, and upon questioning the speaker, believed he was wrong. I answered their questions from my perspective as a geneticist (they had a question related to nutrition and genetics). They said they were thankful that Answers in Genesis had taught them to be discerning Christians. The couple was grateful they had developed a biblical worldview standing on the authority of God’s Word thanks to resources from Answers in Genesis. This allowed them to correctly evaluate what they heard in church. What a wonderful testimony to the importance of examining the Scriptures (Acts 17:11)!

We have many resources that can help you become a discerning Christian too—check out the New Answers Book 1 and New Answers Book 2, as well as The Ultimate Proof of Creation.

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