Overcoming Fear

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I admit I get a little nervous when I stand in front of 1,000 people to give a presentation, but do you know what makes me more nervous?  Standing in front of 10 children and teaching!  I really enjoy speaking to adults, and feel particularly gifted in that area.  I was formerly a college professor and have taught adult Sunday school classes several times.

But after reading Already Gone, the Lord convicted me that I needed to teach the children in our church.  I love being with my daughter and teaching her, but the thought of teaching her and her peers at church brought fear and trepidation!  However, the thought of not teaching them, having their questions about the Bible not answered, and them leaving the church as adults was even more fearful.

So I decided to teach children’s church to the four- through seven-year-olds.  I used our VBS program Amazon Expedition in a modified format over the course of 6 weeks.  The children loved it, and to my surprise, so did I!  The material was extremely versatile, and I could do it on small budget.  I’m excited to begin teaching next week using our VBS program Operation Space (be sure to check out our VBS program for this year—The Egypt Files).  The Lord has also given me the opportunity to teach the same age group for Sunday school this quarter.

I want to encourage everyone out there to follow the Lord’s leading when it comes to the teaching of our little ones.  He doesn’t ask us to be able, only to be willing.

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