Science Experiments and Sunday School

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After I spoke in the museum last week, Tonya, a young woman from Ohio, spoke to me about her efforts to incorporate science into her church’s Sunday school program.  Needless to say, I was very excited to hear her story!  Tonya has a bachelor’s degree in science and has an avid interest in all things science.  She said that many of the children who attend her church are from broken homes and have little or no church background.  To get them interested, she incorporates many different Answers in Genesis resources, including the science kits we sell in the museum.  She said the children love to see and do the experiments, and learn how they relate to God’s world and Word.

We are accustomed to thinking (and I know I used to think this way) that we go to school to learn about biology, geology, astronomy, etc. and we go to church to learn about morality, values, and spiritual things.  But we need to understand and teach our children that the Bible, especially the book of Genesis, is the basis for everything—not just spiritual things, but the physical things too, like the sciences.  Whether you have a science degree or not, our resources and kits make it easy to incorporate science into your church’s children’s programs.  Our secularized world, including public schools, is telling our children that they have the answers to the questions they are asking, beginning with man’s ideas.  Are we as parents, Sunday school teachers, and pastors equipped to provide them answers to their questions, beginning in God’s Word?

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