A Cultural and Spiritual Crisis Based on Fake Science!

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The cacophony from today’s news cycle describing our current cultural situation is causing an increasingly burdensome stress load on the fabric of our society. The tsunami of social issues people are forced to deal with (especially our youth) can be overwhelming. And the wave of digital information pouring out of our devices on a minute-to-minute basis as we swipe through is causing many to simply shut down. Where did all of this come from?

People need to understand that the massive shift we have seen in Western society could not have come about by chance and that there has been a definite, over-arching worldview influence that has directed it over the past several generations. We have not arrived at this point in time by random processes (although the root cause of what we are now experiencing champions random chance as the basis for our entire existence).

Looking Back

For those the Lord has blessed with a long life looking back over the past several decades, the amount of change has been truly staggering. Where parents were once worried about song lyrics such as “I want to hold your hand” from The Beatles, we now have to contend with sheltering our children from “artists” shouting out stanzas describing necrophilia.

Rather than seeing the unborn as precious, the most vulnerable in society are now described as parasites and destroyed for no other reason than they are inconvenient. One of the most terrifying positions to be in now is an older person in a hospital with no advocate, as life decisions are “made for them,” often when they are unable to communicate their own wishes.

Racism is once again being highlighted, while Marxist political groups use it to their advantage as a shield to diffuse criticism against their ideology, and many Christian leaders are (perhaps unwittingly) supporting these groups and ideas. The concepts of headship and the nuclear family are under constant attack. Any attempt to quantify gender roles and identity or to champion the traditional understanding of marriage is vilified and condemned as hate speech!

Most people understand that the West can no longer continue functioning properly as long as the divide between what is most often referred to as “left and right” continues to grow wider. What most used to notice occurring from decade to decade or year to year is happening month to month, day to day, and now seemingly from hour to hour! But how did we get here, and what is the solution?

From God’s Word to Man’s Word

In 2004 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation produced a three-part TV series called Testing God. Christians who know their Bibles well will know that testing God is not exactly encouraged in Scripture, so it’s interesting the producers knew enough about the Bible to choose a name for their show that in itself was essentially blasphemous. And in a segment literally titled “Killing the Creator,” one of the presenters, Paul Davies, summed up all of the deconstruction of Western society in one simple statement:

But why have we turned out the way we are? Once we believed we were unique, blessed with a soul and lovingly created by God in His image. Today, evolution says we are just a product of Natural Selection, the descendants of primitive bacteria, not the children of God.1

And there you have it. It’s actually rather elementary when you understand it. If the Bible is true, then people are precious, as they are created in the image of God. Marriage is a God-mandated and sanctified union between one man and one woman. There are only two genders. God has mandated moral absolutes. Man is in rebellion, a sinner who is in need of a Savior, etc.

However, if the story of evolution were true, people are simply sophisticated animals with no inherent value. Marriage is simply a social construct (often described as designed to oppress women). Gender is fluid, as there is no “created norm.” Morality is not absolute, which means there is no moral standard. Man is completely autonomous, in control of his own destiny, and not accountable to a higher power (“Who needs this Jesus you keep talking about?”) As atheist Jeremy Rifkin once wrote,

We no longer feel ourselves to be guests in someone else’s home and therefore obliged to make our behavior conform with a set of pre-existing cosmic rules. It is our creation now. We make the rules. We establish the parameters of reality. We create the world, and because we do, we no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. We are responsible to nothing outside ourselves, for we are the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever and ever.2

Church, Wake Up!

For years now, many Christian leaders have compromised on the authority of God’s Word in Genesis 1–11, punting to the “scientists” as the authority on origins.

They have become theological contortionists, attempting all manner of twisting and turning of the plain reading of God’s Word in an attempt to tell people it doesn’t have to mean what it says, and you can therefore insert “millions of years” and evolution into it somehow. And for some reason they failed to realize that even if their generation was somehow able to live with the inconsistency, the next generation would get more consistent with the logical consequences of such thinking. Which can be stated basically as “If I don’t have to take the Bible as plainly written in one area, why should I have to believe it anywhere else?” Or, “If the Bible says that God created in six days (Exodus 20:11), but my Sunday School teacher is saying those aren’t real days, why should I believe him when he says Jesus died and rose again in three days?”

If my Bible professor says that we should take Genesis 1 as poetic because it has a talking snake as part of the narrative, does that mean I don’t need to take Numbers 22 as plainly written because it has a talking donkey in it? And why does Peter refer to this being real history in the New Testament?

If my favorite Christian author says God used millions of years to create before Adam and Eve evolved, doesn’t that mean there was death in the world from the beginning? Why should I believe the Bible when it says the wages of sin is death if there was death all along?

If my Pastor says Genesis is just a “poem,” and that “science” proves evolution is true and that God evolved us from ape-men millions of years ago, then why should I believe the Bible where Jesus said God created people from the beginning of the creation? And if some of the same scientists are now saying gender is completely fluid, why should I believe Jesus when he says God created “male and female”?

The Result

Once the secularists established (often with the church’s help) that “science had disproven the Bible” so to speak, the world then got even more consistent in telling society that Christianity had lost its credibility to speak into any area of “real life”—like morality, social standards, and public policy. So Christianity was eventually removed from virtually every influential aspect of society, like politics, art, education, and media. All succumbed to secularism as a result of the vacuum of biblical influence, and the average churchgoer now stands aghast with disbelief as to how this could possibly have happened in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is, many leaders within the church are complicit with the core reason Christianity has been dismissed in most Western minds.

The Solution

The church needs to understand where we came from and where we are headed if we do not implement steps immediately to turn the ship around. Young people especially are looking for biblical leadership and a mental toolkit to navigate the storms of life. A long-term plan of action, including (1) teaching apologetics from the youngest ages and up; (2) evangelism strategies based on God’s Word; and (3) resources able to counter the secular school system’s indoctrination into humanistic, evolutionary ideas of man’s origin, is essential for churches to fight back.

And the truth is, its not even that hard! The story of evolution is easily dismantled by anyone that understands God’s Word and gets equipped with some simple, basic understanding of logic, science, and philosophy. And the Answers in Genesis ministry has an abundance of resources (including conference speakers willing to speak at your event) to equip believers of all ages in all three of those areas. Let’s work together to raise up a next-generation that loves their Lord with all of their heart, strength, soul, and mind!


  1. Testing God, (three-part series), The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, (ABC), March 2004.
  2. Jeremy Rifkin, Algeny, (New York: Viking Press, 1983), 244.

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