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Is the Origin of Flowering Plants a Mystery?

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Researchers have announced what they believe to be the oldest flowering plant, a flower with a tree-shaped style and spoon-shaped petals from the early Jurassic, some supposed 174 million years ago. The fossils of this plant were examined with high-powered microscopes that revealed it was an angiosperm, a specific group of plants that have flowers and enclosed seeds.

One researcher describes the origin of angiosperms as a long “academic headache,” and the lead author of this new paper on this fossilized flower comments,

Researchers were not certain where and how flowers came into existence, because it seems that many flowers just popped up in the Cretaceous from nowhere . . . Studying fossil flowers, especially those from earlier geologic periods, is the only reliable way to get an answer to these questions.
God created flowering plants, along with the other plants, on day three of creation week.

But it’s not hard to explain why flowering plants just “popped up” out of nowhere when you start with the correct foundation, God’s Word. God created flowering plants, along with the other plants, on day three of creation week. These flowers were buried during the global flood of Noah’s day. Their location in the fossil record tells us nothing about their origin; it merely gives us more details about the flood and the order in which it buried the creatures and plants of that time.

The “only reliable way,” to use the words of the author quoted above, to answer questions of origins isn’t to dig deeper into the fossil record (which isn’t a record of time anyway). It’s to dig deeper into God’s Word, the eyewitness account of the history of the earth and the universe. Once we have God’s Word as the foundation for our thinking, we have the basis for building the correct worldview and then looking at the observational evidence and making sense of it.

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