Neutrinos from One Second After Big Bang Discovered . . . Or Were They?

by Ken Ham on March 7, 2019
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A recent article on had a headline that blared, “Earliest Signal Ever: Scientists Find Relic Neutrinos From 1 Second After The Big Bang.” So, is that it now for biblical creation (and a host of secular creation stories offered as alternatives to the big bang)? Have scientists discovered proof that the big bang really happened? Well, not so fast!

The headline suggests that some of these relic neutrinos, supposedly from one second after the big bang, have been detected. But with a discerning read through the article, it becomes very clear how many of these “primordial” neutrinos were detected: NONE! Rather, what we have are two lines of indirect “evidence”—how these neutrinos altered the Cosmic Microwave Background and the physical structure of the universe—from which the existence of these neutrinos is inferred. It’s an interpretation of the evidence based on a worldview that starts with the big bang paradigm.

It’s an interpretation of the evidence based on a worldview that starts with the big bang paradigm.

Wow! Talk about your classic misleading headline—one that’s meant to indoctrinate a gullible public in false evolutionary ideas! This is yet another reason why you can't just accept what is reported in news items—especially the headline! The article goes on to say, "the results are incontrovertible." But, as they say, that’s “fake news.” The results are certainly controvertible as it’s simply an interpretation, an inference, from indirect evidence.

Nothing in observational evidence will ever contradict the history in God’s Word because that history is true—from the very first verse.

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