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Scientists searching for water among the stars may have a new ally with an earthly counterpart: hail. More water than is in the earth’s oceans is hypothesized to be under distribution in a “newly forming” star system “in the form of a hail-like substance,” falling at supersonic speeds “when it smacks into the dusty disk around the embryonic star where planets are thought to take shape.”

Any sign of water in any form is taken with extreme significance by evolutionists.

The interpretation is based on a model that best fits current data, not on actual observations of such “hail.” NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope gathered the data, but only one protostar—NGC 1333-IRAS 4B—showed indications of the presence of water vapor.

Of course, any sign of water in any form is taken with extreme significance by evolutionists, who at times seem to believe (or at least, suggest) that the origin of life is as simple as adding water and energy together.

In other planetary news, a new computer model has described how “rocky boulders around infant stars team up to form planets without falling into stars.” Mordecai-Marc Mac Low, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History, explains the model as a solution to a problem that has been “a stumbling block for 30 years.” What’s interesting is that evolutionists often seem hush-hush about such “major mysteries,” as the article calls the problem, until someone has a solution in mind.

Even so, Mac Low hastens to add that “[t]here are enough uncertainties that [planet formation] is not going to be an open and shut case any time soon.” At least, not without referencing Genesis 1!

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