White Hole Cosmology

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Originally published in Journal of Creation 15, no 1 (April 2001): 60.

After reading the latest volleys in the debate over Dr Humphreys' 'white hole cosmology' in CEN Technical Journal 13(1), I have a few comments that might be of use to the Christian community.

First, whatever the merits of his work, one ought to remember that the conceptual door to the use of relativistic physics in constructing young-Earth models is now open, as Dr Ross has noted. This development should cheer Christians of all positions. Other models than Dr Humphreys' might be conceived.

Second, I suggest that young-Earth models would be more promising if they decoupled Earth's history from that of the bulk of the universe until some time in day 4, while admitting the standard homogenous Friedmann-Robertson-Walker-type behavior for the rest of the universe. Earth would do its own thing for the first few days, not aging much in comparison to the rest of the universe, until, say, it passed through a wormhole, or a change of topology occurred in a trousers-like space-time, and Earth joined the rest of the universe. (I mention these examples to illustrate the proposal, not to assert that they are technically viable.)

This special treatment for Earth, along with standard behavior for the rest of the universe, contrasts with the white hole cosmology in which cosmic-scale differences from the standard model exist (at least as Dr Humphreys intends it). Thus, given this proposal, no need would arise to reconsider the many pieces that already fit the standard model quite well.

J. Brian Pitts


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