News to Note, September 8, 2012

A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint

Worm-eating evolution, Alert for amber, Way out of Africa Denisovan DNA, One blood

1. Shrew-Like Rodent Evolving Backwards?

Backing off back teeth—is this shrew-like rodent evolving backwards?

2. Plant Mites Untouched by Evolutionary Change

Plant mites sail through the sands of time untouched by evolutionary change.

3. Mixed Response for Early Modern Human Skull in Asia

Early modern human skull in Asia meets mixed response.

4. Denisovan DNA’s Secrets

Denisovan DNA’s secrets—unveiled and interpreted

5. Belief in Human Evolution: Cause, Co-Conspirator, or Cure for Racism?

Belief in human evolution: cause, co-conspirator, or cure for racism?

And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Bill Nye had his say, and millions of people have watched. We at Answers in Genesis answered his charges with an extensive written analysis (Bill Nye’s Crusade for Your Kids) and video presentations by Ken Ham and Dr. David Menton and Dr. Georgia Purdom. These responses to Nye’s charges have engendered the anger of many in the secular world. Why do they care? Be sure to watch and share our new YouTube video (embedded below) as Ken Ham explains from the Scriptures these vicious attacks and our response.
    Furthermore, one of the “charges” leveled at Answers in Genesis in this matter is that Dr. Purdom, who has a PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University, has failed to “comment on studies that have shown that evolution has been observed in a laboratory setting.”1 It seems the HuffingtonPost journalist here has failed to do the homework. The research the journalist referred to is Richard Lenski’s 2008 work regarding citrate utilization by E. coli bacteria, and Dr. Purdom had already addressed evolutionary claims based on this study in A Poke in the Eye? way back on June 30, 2008! In her recent blog she explains this information again in a somewhat less-technical form.
  • The Encyclopedia of Human DNA Elements (ENCODE) project is an ongoing effort to explain a mysterious finding from the 2003 Human Genome Project. Why does only 2% of the human genome actually code for “making things”? As earlier results of ENCODE suggested, most of our DNA is active. The midweek release of papers in a number of journals further refines that result, showing that so-called “junk” DNA contains regulatory genes orchestrating the expression of other genes. Problems in these regulatory genes are often related to disease. Be sure to check back next week as we explore more fully what the latest findings reveal about the order and complexity of God’s creation, how sin’s curse has affected the human genome, and how unverifiable assumptions can lead to erroneous evolutionary interpretations of the results.
  • If you enjoyed last week’s sample of the Creation Adventure Team, go to to enjoy them all.

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