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    A Belief to Put on Ice
    Jan. 1, 2009, p. 10

    NASA brings us yet more excitement about water on Mars.

  • Jan. 1, 2009, p. 10

    The beautiful clownfish possesses incredible navigation abilities.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Tissue Issue
    Jan. 1, 2009, pp. 10–11

    If dinosaurs were millions of years old, the soft tissue of the T. rex would have surely disappeared long ago.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Big Bang Blow Up
    Jan. 1, 2009, p. 11

    When Lyn Evans fired up the world’s most powerful particle accelerator last September, he hoped to unlock the mysteries of the so-called big bang.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Big Fraud
    Jan. 1, 2009, p. 11

    The latest Bigfoot find turned out to be nothing more than a crude fake.

  • Magazine Department Article
    No Stone Unturned
    Jan. 1, 2009, p. 11

    When we think of Neanderthal, many of us still envision a hairy, backward subhuman.

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2009 is “the year of Darwin”— the 200th anniversary of his birth and the 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species. Learn what drove this man to develop his controversial belief system and read leading creationists as they share what we’ve discovered after 150 years of analyzing Darwin’s “dangerous idea.”

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