I Just had to Share this with you All


In my opinion there is an obvious attempt by some evolutionary group to persuade the editors of scientific publications to go out of their way to publish the venom that we have seen lately.

I just had to share this with you all.

This evening after our bible study (11/14/01)one of the men in our church came up to us to let us know how the book "Refuting Evolution", and our presentations on Genesis and the authority of scripture, aided his son in the midst of being taught evolution to seriously question his teacher, and he basically said to his teacher "I don't believe I came from a monkey…and I don't think that there is any proof that I did…"

Thank you AIG, and Dr Sarfati for everything that God has allowed us to learn from you, equipping us to be able to disseminate God's truth in a relavent and meaningful way, especially to the young people that we have had the privledge of ministering to.

Ps. The young man gave his copy of Refuting Evolution to his teacher, and his teacher is reading it!!!!!!

To God be the glory!!!!!!

In His service and yours;
J. & S. Litteer


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