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by Libby Wild on April 18, 2017

I remember the day Orobeka realized that Christ’s atonement gift, His life blood, had been spilled so that her sins could be forgiven. There were a lot of people there that day, but I distinctly remember the look on her face, the tears that ran down her cheeks, and the words, “He did that for me, He did that for me.”


For us as believers, we all experience the joy of salvation at some point. What peace comes from knowing that the burden and weight of our sins is no longer ours to carry but that the Lord Jesus Christ took them to the Cross for us and, in exchange, offers us His righteousness. The Holy Spirit changes us. He changes our perspective, makes life different, and causes us to dwell on things that our natural state would never take a second glance at.

While we were in the States, a young girl in our home village suddenly died. The circumstances surrounding her death were strange and perplexing. I wrote about this girl earlier and how a stroke had kept her here on our mountain during a long recovery, how she had listened to Bible teaching, and how she was now trusting that God had ordained her sickness so that He could save her soul.

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At the time of her death, she had seemed healthy and had mostly recovered from her stroke. It was at a mourning hut, as many gathered to cry for another child’s death, that she suddenly fell over dead. After her death, her body swelled to the point that she was unrecognizable and blood trickled out of her eyes and nose. It was horrifying for everyone. Even our strongest believers were shaken at the very unusual and seemingly sinister way this young girl died. Many of the unbelievers became angry and accusing. One lady in particular, Orobeka, was targeted for sorcery and accused of being responsible for this young girl’s death.

As they accused her with bows drawn, Orobeka stood bravely in front of her accusers. She tore her shirt, pointed toward her heart, and yelled out to the angry men that were still steeped in the old animistic ways, “Go ahead and shoot me! I did not work sorcery, and I did not cause this young woman’s death. I am a child of God, and if you kill me, I will go to be with Him! So, go ahead and shoot me. I am not afraid of you or your arrows!”

Thankfully, the men became nearly speechless, put their bows down, and left the village.


Orobeka just arrived back in our home village last week. She had spent the last several months on an outreach trip to another remote village. Her husband is a Bible teacher, and he and his tribal coworker just taught through Romans in that village.

The Lord still has plans for Orobeka. I am so thankful that she and her husband are co-laborers for the gospel's sake. What a privilege it is to know her and see clearly how the Lord has changed her life and is using her to bring glory to Himself!

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