America and the Influence of Culture

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by Kian Wild on October 18, 2016

Cultures have been influencing each other since, well, there were cultures! The Bible gives many accounts of people groups rising to power, conquering others, and then bringing their culture in. Today, culture still spreads but not in the same way. The capabilities of traveling quickly along with almost unlimited communication are major ways in which cultural influence happens in modern times.

Over hundreds of years of immigration, America has been introduced to many cultures. America upholds liberty and justice and is a great place for honest, hardworking people to live happily. Because of this, many different people from many different countries have come to America and, in the process, left their mark on this country.

Some of these influences have been around so long and have become so popular that you don't really think about them. Take food for instance. Mexican and Italian foods, along with other nationality’s foods, have become quite popular here in the States. In fact where we are living right now, there are three Mexican and four Italian restaurants within a 15-minute drive. Pretty crazy!

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But America isn't the only country that has been influenced by other cultures. It has, in turn, rubbed some of its own culture off on other countries, some of which has been for the worse. Take American movies for instance. Many movies have had a negative effect on people in other countries, depicting Americans as living very ungodly lives.

But on the other hand, America has impacted other cultures in a good way. America has sent out thousands of missionaries, having made a huge impact by spreading the gospel—and that is super exciting!

So we can see that cultures are always changing. Some changes are for good and some are negative. But through it all, we know that the Lord is all-sovereign and that He has a plan for everything that goes on in every culture and country in the world.

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