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by Asher Wild on October 13, 2016

Phasmids look like stick bugs, and they come out at night. You can collect phasmids pretty easily. All you have to do is grab a jar and a flashlight before you head out to the bushes. At first you can’t see them at all, but when you find your first phasmid, they suddenly start popping up everywhere. Sometimes when we go out to collect phasmids, we will come back home with what seems like 100 of them.


Some phasmids are fluorescent turquoise and green while others are spiky and brown. God has given them the gift of amazing camouflage. They can blend in well with their surroundings. You can be looking right at one of them and not even know it’s there!


The biggest ones we catch are about three inches long, but sometimes our friends will bring us ones that are about one foot long. We have even seen some flying in the air. But each one is uniquely and amazingly designed.


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