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by Kian Wild on August 16, 2016

Whenever I’m in Bali, breakfast becomes my favorite meal of the day. Balinese hotels always have a fully stocked breakfast buffet, which is the perfect way to begin the morning. I love these breakfasts because they are all you can eat, and they come free with your room.

The fifth Wild Brothers family adventure DVD follows the homeschooling missionaries Mike and Libby and their four sons to the rich but challenging culture of Bali, Indonesia!

The buffets are full of every type of breakfast food you could imagine, along with a few you may not imagine. They have Asian breakfasts, which usually consist of something fried, something with noodles, and something with rice. Then there is the Westerner section, which is always stocked with cereals, pancakes, and potatoes. They also have at least five side bars which contain fruits, salads, pastries, and other breakfast foods.

After I fill my plate, I usually grab a glass of juice and then sit down and begin my feast. It’s very difficult not to get too much. I personally would like to get a sample of everything, but at these buffets it is almost impossible. So after I clean my plate, I am very full but ready for a fun day in Bali.

Kian in Bali

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