The Streets of Bali

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by Asher Wild on August 9, 2016

The hotel that we stayed at in Bali was right next to the beach, and there was a six-foot sidewalk on the beach that would go for miles on end. So one of my favorite things was to go bike riding down the street. You could rent bikes on the side of the walkway. It was possible to rent them for weeks or just a couple of hours as long as the price was right.

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We would go out, rent some bikes, and ride them down the sidewalk.

It was so much fun to fly down the sidewalk and use our bells to let people know that we were approaching them from behind so they could move out of the way.

There were always hoards of tourists walking around. As we would ride, we couldn't help notice all the street shops and restaurants. It seemed like there were hundreds of them. There were carving shops everywhere, and there were also tons of little souvenir shops with every little knickknack you could possibly think of. Then there were the little restaurants where we would often go for lunch. They didn't have anything too grand, but they did always have good seafood dishes, which was nice because we were right on the water.

There were also a lot of temples and statues on the side of the small streets. These temples are where the Balinese give their sacrifices to their spirits and gods. The statues inside the temples represented the spirit or god that they were giving their sacrifices to.

Bali Temples Bali Idols

In the evenings, as we rode back to the hotel, we were eager to see what God had planned for us the next day.

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